Social and business etiquette in Iceland is similar to that in other western European countries. Since Iceland is a small community, access to key people is easy and often informal.

Times are stated using the 24-hour clock in order to avoid misunderstandings.  Icelanders place great value on punctuality and you might like to inform your host if you are going to be late to a meeting.

Business meetings are not formal but good preparation is important.  When using presentations or other supporting information during the meeting, you should ensure that any information used is precise and to the point with relevant data included where necessary.

Business cards are sometimes exchanged upon introduction.  Extended pleasantries are not necessary, and getting straight down to business is appreciated.  If business presentations are given, they should be to the point.

English is widely spoken in business.  Most Icelanders doing business in a particular field will understand the relevant English technical documentation, but this may have to be translated if included in a contract.

A handshake is the traditional form of greeting both at the start and completion of a meeting.You should ensure that you shake hands with all meeting attendees.  Ensure that this is coupled with good eye contact and that your handshake is firm.

Official working hours are between 9:00 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday.  Some companies change their working our during the summer time to 8:00 – 16:00.

Official Holidays in Iceland are Christmas and Easter where business will slow down.  The same can be expected during the summer months especially after June when many Icelandic people take their vacation.