Guide to Iceland is the most comprehensive travel marketplace in Iceland. With Guide to Iceland, travelers can find travel information and tips written by local travel experts, purchase tours and packages, rent cars, book accommodation, and customize self-drive packages. We are the largest collaborative company in the Icelandic travel industry, in partnership with over 500 travel companies, service providers and individuals in Iceland.

Guide to Iceland also provides you with more travel information about Iceland than any other website on the internet. You can find helpful travel articles, information about specific attractions or Icelandic culture and even contact local people. Our website is available in seven languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

At Guide to Iceland, we take pride in our professional approach and our passion for Iceland. We, too, are fun-loving modern travelers who look for great deals,  tours and activities which allow us to create the best vacation each time we travel.

We are a global company with a service team who speaks a variety of languages, including a China Team of 9 people dedicated to helping Mandarin-speaking customers and tailoring our products and services to their needs. This is the largest Mandarin-speaking team among all travel companies in Iceland.

We love to connect travelers to local Icelanders, who share authentic accounts of their experiences with various attractions and tours. These individuals are selected from countries around the world and write for our blog in more than 20 languages. There is something for everyone on our site, and we’ve worked hard to make it accessible for all!


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Guide to Iceland offers the most comprehensive array of tours, including single- and multi-day tours so that you can tailor your experience to the length of your stay. We also offer tours with a variety of themes, such as outdoor, nature sightseeing, adventure, photography or animal tours, among many others.

These tours cover every part of Iceland, including many options for the most popular and world-famous attractions, such as Blue Lagoon spa, the Golden Circle, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Lake Myvatn, Skaftafell National Park and more!

Tours can be tailored to your comfort and price needs, from small groups which offer a more personal, intimate experience to large bus tours which create an opportunity to find new friends or spend the day with the whole family. To figure out which tours are best for your needs, the site also has customer reviews on each tour, so you can see what others enjoyed most of all.

With all of our offerings, Guide to Iceland never adds booking fees, allowing us to guarantee the lowest price to you.

Car Rentals:
  Guide to Iceland offers plenty of options when choosing a car that will keep you in comfort and style during your stay. No matter what you are most looking forward to doing on our shores, Guide to Iceland has the perfect car to fit your needs, whether it is a small car or SUV, or a camping van or jeep for handling tougher terrain.

Our website makes it easy to compare prices and add extra options, so you can choose the car you will be happiest with during your stay. By aggregating all the local car rentals, Guide to Iceland offers the lowest price for renting a car in Iceland.

Packages:Our most popular packages are self-drive tours, in which we make all the arrangements for car rental and accommodation, but allow you to drive yourself at your leisure, or guided tours, in which you‘ll be whisked off to the attraction of your choice at a scheduled time and place.

All of our tours are arranged by length of time, so you can plan your vacation accordingly. Self-drive tours can be as short as 3 days or as long as 14 days, while guided tours are 3 days to 10 days in length. Different themes can be chosen, as well, to suit your whims.Many visitors come to Iceland for a restful vacation filled with long soaks in geothermal pools, leisurely strolls around popular spots and plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect photo of gorgeous basalt cliffs, cute puffins, or the sparkling Northern Lights. We’d love to help you relax!

For the more active person, who wants to hit the ground running and fill his days with adrenaline-pumping adventures like glacier hiking, ice climbing and lava caving, we’re happy to organize it all, and everything in between.

At Guide to Iceland, we like to say that we provide all the necessary supplies, and you can mix and match to create the Icelandic vacation of your dreams. It’s all here for you! No matter what you choose, you will receive practical information about your route, including GPS coordinates, tips and notes about certain locations and information about interesting things to do or see in the area.

Choose what you are most excited to see and do on our shores in a stress-free, no-hassle process that saves you time and money. We guarantee the best value to you by choosing the best tour operators and car rentals in Iceland, who offer excellent service and the highest quality products to our clients.

Specialty Traveling:
We are also happy to plan customized trips to help our customers fit everything they love into the time they have.
Family and Group Trips (groups of 8 are more) are no problem. Contact us so we can give you group discount. By traveling in a group we will be able to provide you with great prices for accommodation, transportation, food and activities.We can also plan for you a custom-made guided tour so you can spend time with your loved ones doing things everyone will enjoy. With beautiful natural environments, exhilarating adventures, rich animal life, and friendly people, our island is the perfect destination for people of all ages.

Guide to Iceland is also the premier luxury travel agent and tour operator for business and elite travelers in Iceland. We can provide you with an excellent level of service combined with the best price.
When your travel to Iceland is arranged by us you're in good company.

We have planned trips for top Hollywood film stars, musicians, international business people, sheikhs and other wealthy individuals.
If you are coming to Iceland for business, contact us. We can help you have a great time here and can use our wide network and contacts to set you in touch with almost anyone in the business and political community of Iceland. We can also help you research and plan your public relations strategy.
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