We offer group tours in Iceland of going hunting for the Northern Lights. The tour combines an adventure search for the Northern Lights as well as the discovery of the countries natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage.

Since it can be difficult to find the Northern Lights the tour program must be flexible to chase for the lights wherever they can be seen at their best. The destination of each day is determined by the weather and road conditions. That means, if the weather conditions and possibility to observe Aurora are better at another location we travel to that place. However, there is no guarantee that we will see northern lights since conditions can change rapidly. Nevertheless, if the hunt for Aurora does not turn out to be successful your visit to Iceland should not be disappointing. The reason is that Iceland has so many other beautiful wonders of nature to offer besides the rich history and culture.

  • Aurora Experience



Aurora Experience was established early 2003 by three Icelandic photographers. A few years earlier they came up with the idea of capturing the motion of the Northern Lights on film. Fortunately, there have been spectacular solar storms in recent times, one of them the largest in the 30-year history of aurora measurement, and these Icelandic pioneers were there to capture them. Now, the firm has a sizeable archive of aurora material that can be used for various projects.

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In 2007 the company was bought by GT Group in Iceland. This includes the right to publish the DVD as well as a huge amount of information, pictures, texts and research material about northern lights. The new owners connected the company to the Elves-, Trolls- and Northern Lights Museum “Icelandic Wonders” (www.icelandicwonders.com) in Stokkseyri.

Aurora Experience will further develop its knowledge about Northern Lights. In addition the company now offers special service for travelers connected to northern lights, short trips as well as longer tours, in cooperation with Guðmundur Tyrfingsson Ltd. Which is a travel agency and coach company belonging to GT Group and founded in 1969.

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