Jon Horddal
    Managing Director
           CCP Asia
CCP was founded in the summer of 1997 with the goal of becoming a leading massive multiplayer game company.  With the launch of EVE Online in May 2003, CCP has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field, winning numerous awards and receiving critical acclaim worldwide.

CCP is dedicated to the development of cutting edge massively multiplayer games.  It is founded on the principle of pushing the envelope and breaking new grounds on all levels.  CCP is not about making copycat products with compromised quality.   It is about making dreams become a reality.

  • We Care More.  We Work Harder.

  Massively multiplayer games are virtual realities. They are about creating experiences unattainable in any other form of media. A virtual reality is about true human interaction and true human emotions in a living and evolving world.

It is CCP ’s belief that massively multiplayer games are the biggest revolution in computer gaming history and CCP is dedicated to make the dream of a true virtual reality come into being.

CCP encourages respect, dialog, interaction and cooperation on a deeper level between its employees and customers than is common in online games. By this and through this CCP provides a unique way for improving the quality of its products and creates an inspiring and challenging environment for talent to thrive.

  • Business Development in China
 To develop the CCP brand in the Asia-Pacific region, assist in achieving goals set forth by CCP Iceland, and contribute to the global growth of the overall organization. This will be achieved through the following:
· Expand core Intellectual Property (EVE Online) by establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships that will ensure the smooth operation and continued growth of EVE Online in China.
 ·  Develop new product, a franchise set within the conceptual universe of EVE that will mark CCP’s entry into the console market.

 ·  Support EVE’s global operation with a dedicated, in-house Game Master team. 
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