Founded in 2006, Green Diamond Technology is a member of global Green Diamond International Group, headquartered in Iceland.

Our modern and dynamic facility in Zhongshan, Guangdong employs currently a staff of approx. 50.  The facility houses customer services, sales and marketing, R&D, production, finance and administration. During the past five years of operations, the Company has grown its customer base to include large brad name footwear companies from the US and Europe and is currently a market leader in its Global business sector.

We are specialists in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative high technology footwear components widely used by internationally recognised brand companies. Utilising the very latest technological inventions and manufacturing equipment, Green Diamond provides the clients with matchless benefits and cost savings in the footwear design and production.

Sigurdur B. Gudmundsson
 Managing Director
  • Hi-Technology Invention

Green Diamond Traction Control addresses the dangers of slipping and falling in wet, icy, oily and otherwise slippery conditions, greatly improving user safety.

Our injected insoles provide the most accurate and strong platform to build the shoes on to improve their performance and appearance. Stack leather heels with advanced In-Mould Lamination Technology have improved the appearance and quality of these fashionable items to an unforeseen level.

  • Safety & Comfort

Since the beginning, the Company has earned a strong support and confidence of the footwear brands due to its quick response product development and customer service.

As a specialist in improving comfort and safety, we thrive to providing the best underfoot product in the market. We are using proven shoe making principles combined with the latest advanced technologies to provide the consumer the most confident walking experience.