Blue Lagoon is one of the wonders of the world and its geothermal seawater travels from 2,000 metres below the surface. On the way it is heated by the earth´s magma and enriched by gifts of nature: silica, minerals and algae. The interplay of these elements creates the beneficial seawater that Blue Lagoon is known for. They are also the main patented and natural ingredients in our skin care range, developed with care for nature and sustainability. It is a pleasure to bring the wonders of Blue Lagoon to your home.

Born of more than two decades of pioneering research, our products are harvested by way of a zero waste process and are vegan and cruelty-free.  

Ása Brynjólfsdóttir  
Director of R & D

Active Ingredients Official Treatment of Psoriasis at Blue Lagoon Clinic

Research shows that Blue Lagoon coccoid algae reduces UV-induced degradation of collagen in the skin, and the Blue Lagoon filamentous algae stimulate skin’s natural collagen production.

Research shows that Blue Lagoon silica strengthens the skin’s barrier function which is one of the key elements in maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater contains a unique combination of pure minerals which are an important part of Blue Lagoon skin care formulas for their revitalizing effects.

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 Lagoon Skin Care is available at Blue Lagoon Shop in Grindavík, Laugavegur and Keflavík International Airport and internationally through www.bluelagoon.com/shop

The heart of Blue Lagoon skin care is its work on treating psoriasis and the Blue Lagoon Clinic is world renowned for it's healing powers. For all treatment products please visit: www.bluelagoon.com/shop/treatment-products/ 

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