HB Grandi hf. is one of Iceland´s largest seafood companies. HB Grandi produces high-quality products from fresh wild caught fish exclusively from Iceland’s clean arctic waters. Being a vertically integrated company, HB Grandi emphasises reliable marketing operations, where close mutually beneficial relationships with our clients are paramount.

HB Grandi is engaged in the fishing and processing of both groundfish and pelagic species. The company employs approximately 950 people at sea and on land with a total turnover of about 215 million EUR in 2014. Our products are sold all over the world, with the largest markets being Europe, Asia and North America.

Respect for the environment and the marine ecosystem is the basis for all activities at HB Grandi and every effort is made to operate a responsible fishery, for the benefit of future generations. This is a commitment we take seriously, as our numerous quality and sustainability certifications will speak to.

  • Innovation and Certification

As one of the most diversified seafood company in Iceland, HB Grandi can offer a very complete range of fresh and frozen fish products that include, but are certainly not limited to:

- Lumpfish

- Capelin and capelin roe

- Masago, roe and caviar

- Mackerel

- Redfish

- Greenland Halibut

- Various other species

  • Quality Products

 HB Grandi has been active in the Chinese market for more than a decade. During this time we have built good business relationships with both clients in the re-processing industry and clients that are focused on the increasingly important domestic market.

In the long run HB Grandi is committed to building a strong position in the growing Chinese domestic market.


Company Address:Nordurgardur 1
101 Reykjavik,Iceland
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