Eskja hf from East Iceland is one of the leading fishing companies in Iceland. For over 70 years the company has been the foundation of the economy of Eskifjörður and currently operates three ships, and one of the most advanced fishmeal factory in the North Atlantic. Along with operating a whitefish factory – working fresh fish in the most demanding market in the world, the company employs about 100 people.  For years, Eskja has been striving to remain at the forefront in the production of quality products from raw materials that have received the best possible treatment in the process. The company strives for education and training of employees.

Eskja aims to expand its product portfolio in China with selling of high quality ecological products varying from pelagic species fish oil and fish meal to fresh& frozen whitefish products. This will be done through reliable partners which have joint interest in brand building and increased value-creation. Furthermore, increased awareness and demand for healthy foods will be the cornerstone of Eskja‘s strategy in China as the products are rich in high quality nutritious fatty Omega 3 and 6 acids along with high protein perfectly suited for demands of self-aware consumers which seek high quality and freshness from the clean oceans of the North-Atlantic.

Adalsteinn Thorsteinsson
CEO, Ground Fish

Fishing & Whitefish Processing Fish Oil & Fishmeal Production

Eskja makes over 100 products with 15 different species. All products are sold under its customers’ own brands or through third party retailers in countries such as US, UK, Norway, Belgium and other major markets in the World.

The whitefish production is specialized in the processing of fresh cod and haddock products, as well as able to deliver the same products separately frozen. 

Covering an area of 1,500 square meters, the ground fish plant  is approximately 30 minutes away from the international airport in Keflavik. With the most advanced equipment available, it is regarded one of the most advanced of its kind, reaching an annual production of 2,000 tons.

Fishmeal and fish oil commenced production in 1952.  After 2013, with state of art equipment in a new building, the company can have an output of 1,100 tons of raw material per day and storage up to 20,000 tons of fishmeal and fish oil in the facilities at the same time.

Eskja factory was the first factory in Iceland to get FEMA certification in early 2004. The factory is also IFFO RS and HC certified. Quality standards in production are high and Eskja operates its own laboratory as well as the use of HACCP quality system, ensuring full compliance to the quality standards of the customers.

Company Address
Strandgata 39 - 735 Eskifjörður
Tel:+354 470 - 6000,+354 470 - 6001