Located at Höfn, “City of Scampi” in East Iceland, Skinney-Thinganes hf. is one of the largest fishery companies with comprehensive operation of fishing, processing and sales.

Skinney-Thinganes hf. was established in 1999 through the merger of three local companies: Borgey hf., Skinney hf., and Thinganes ehf., whose history dated back as early 1946.  Now the company operates seven fishing vessels with crews totalling 90 seamen. About 150 - 170 employees are working on salting fish all year round, processing large quantities of lobster, capelin, mackerel, herring and various other fish products including fish roe and air bladders, and fish meal production.  Skinney-Thinganes hf. has been a major pillar of local economy.
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  • Fishing & Fish Processing

 The company operates 2 pelagic fishing vessels, 2 trawlers and 3 multipurpose vessels. Good maintenance and repair of these vessels has been its main priority with the best equipment available for its crews, including satellite television and internet access.

All the year around Skinney-Thinganes hf. operates a wide range of fish handling and processing on land, ensuring its catches to be quality products for the international market.  Continuous innovation and technological advances have strengthened and ensured the company’s position as one of Iceland’s leading producers of a variety of seafood products.

The plant’s capacity will increase to 600 tonnes every twenty-four hours, after the processing of pelagic fish is upgraded with a fully utilized freezer of 4,000 tonne.

  • Products & Marketing

The company’s most valuable product is lobster, which is categorised into various price ranges depending on its size and appearance.

Pelagic fish produce is mostly frozen, filleted or whole, and part of the catch is utilised for fishmeal and fish liver oil. Groundfish is sold both frozen and fresh, though most of the catch is processed as saltfish, mainly exported to Portugal and Spain.

The company’s products are sold and marketed under the brand name Blumaris for foreign markets. Most of the company’s products are exported to Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, Egypt, China, Japan, and South Korea, as well to Russia and other eastern European countries.
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