From the purest waters on earth, IS SEAFOOD embarks on a journey to catch fresh, 100% wild caught seafood. The company is committed to providing mainland China with the highest quality seafood and the very best service.

The founders, with combined 40 years experience in the marketplace, provide a wealth of knowledge and direction to ensure only the highest standards at every step- from the sea to your table. 

In order to deliver the highest quality seafood IS SEAFOOD cuts no corners; the process is state-of-the-art, sustainable, and safe.
:: 100% Traceability. Guaranteed.
:: No Additives. Period.
:: Single Frozen. Never thawed until it reaches your kitchen.


           Bigir Stefansson      Robert Roche      
CEO                      Chairman       
  • Our Products 

We offer a wide variety of both seasonal and year round seafood. Our products are becoming increasingly popular and include:

· North Atlantic Cod,

· Langoustine (Scampi),

· Mackerel,

· Halibut,

· Haddock, and

· Golden Redfish.

  • IS SEAFOOD in China 

This high-quality, fast-growing company seeks to satisfy every customer. Education is very important component as well. IS SEAFOOD always strives to not only sell, but also teach the Chinese marketplace why Icelandic seafood is safe, healthy and delicious. New opportunities are always of interest, and the management team is prepared to discuss potential market expansion.

Because of the growing demand for high quality and traceable food in China, IS SEAFOOD is perfectly positioned to expand and is dedicated to implementing innovation at every step.
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