Building on over 70 years of expertise in the Icelandic fisheries, Icelandic Group is today a leading international seafood company. 

Icelandic Group is uniquely positioned in the seafood sector with its international network of production and marketing companies in Europe and Asia. Offering a wide variety of fresh, chilled and frozen seafood products and services on a global scale, Icelandic Group’s core business is focused on value-added processing of seafood, mostly ready meals for retail and food service.

  • Global Business

Icelandic Group has two main business segments: primary processing and value added processing, and sales and marketing, representing 60% and 40% of total sales respectively. On the production side, the Group operates processing plants in the UK focused on value added products.

The sales and marketing platform is focused on promoting Icelandic branded products on all major markets, most notably in UK, Spain and Japan. In addition, Icelandic Group is also involved in primary processing of raw material in Iceland.

  • Focus on China                         

Founded in 2004, Icelandic China is a subsidiary company of Icelandic Group, located at Qingdao,China.

For many years Icelandic China has engaged import & export business of Seafood and is committed to supply to the customers in China with Iceland high quality, pure and health seafood.

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