La Ferme is a seafood importer and distribution company in Hong Kong and China. Most of our products are coming from our sister company in Iceland where the sustainibility program is known as the strictest in the world through the Iceland Responsible Fisheries (IRF) Program. 

We are specializing in wild caught, frozen at sea product from Iceland. Frozen-at-sea technology, allows fish to be process on board of the fishing vessel within hours of harvest.



  Steindor Sigurgeirsson CEO

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  With our own production and seafood sources around the world La Ferme delivers a consistent supply of seafood every day of the year. We are proud of the quality of our products. Our customers include fine restaurants, 5-Star hotels and supermarkets in Hong Kong and China. At present our most popular product is Atlantic Cod from clean, unpolluted waters around the Island. The world’s most popular whitefish, cod is the perfect choice for a variety of foodservice applications, from fast food meals to gourmet restaurant entrees. It can be baked, fried, steamed or sauted.  We stock many different types and sizes of cod fillets and portions.
Other great products we stock include Atlantic Mackerel, Icelandic Whelk, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Wolffish, Smoked Salmon and many more........
La Ferme is constantly working on bringing new seafood items to the Asian market. Let us know if you are looking for specific species or product, we can source it for you using our extensive network of seafood processors in Europe and North America.  Our website is

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