• Food and Seafood
 The Food sector accounts for half of the countrys industrial production, one-fifth of its GDP and more than 80% of its merchandise exports – one of the highest levels in the world.Environmental purity and sustainable management policies give Iceland unique advantages as a supplier of raw materials to food processing industries where natural quality counts above everything else. The Icelandic seafood industry stands for great worker skills, expert management, high levels of technology, a flourishing support sector in equipment manufacture and services,as well as sales and marketing know-how. The natural quality of fish from Iceland is proverbial in the seafood world. Careful resource management policies have succeeded in securing high, sustainable yields from what are some of the richest and cleanest fishing grounds in the world. The main Icelandic fish products are fillets, canned seafood, retail packs, portions, laminated blocks and whole-frozen fish. Production of co  ....More
  • Seafood and Food Manufacturing in Iceland
 Dairy farming is an important segment in Iceland´s economy, with a high level of product development and innovation, a strong reputation for purity and wholesomeness and extensive use of quality systems.Lamb is still farmed the traditiona ....More