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Iceland School of Energy of Reykjavik University (ISE) is run by the University of Reykjavik in cooperation with Reykjavik Energy – the largest geothermal energy company in Iceland, and Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR).  Its mission is to promote education and research in this rapidly growing sector, with the objective of creating leading experts in the management, design and research of sustainable energy.

ISE offers executive education programmes, a summer school, and two graduate degrees in sustainable energy.   The MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering is an engineering based degree for Science graduates, and the MSc in Sustainable Energy is a broad-based and highly adaptable programme for students from all disciplines. Both MSc’s programmes are 120 ECTS, and take 18 months to complete, beginning in August each year.

ISE emphasis the protection of the environment and sustainable energy use worldwide. The unique experience and knowledge of our partners is the strong foundation we build upon. Our programmes are characterised by emphasis on sustainable energy use, geothermal in particular, interdisciplinary approach to the subjects, good access to research facilities and to companies and institutes that specialise in the utilisation of sustainable energy. 

 Halla Hrund Logadóttir Director
  • Global Presence

Iceland School of Energy is an international graduate programme in sustainable energy science which attracts students from all over the world. Our students have, for an example, come from Finland, India, Ethiopia, Philippines, Germany, Djibouti, Indonesia, Colombia, United States of America, Taiwan, Scotland and Iceland.

Around 85% of Iceland´s Energy comes from renewable resources, making Iceland the world’s greenest economy.  Thus, Iceland has a long tradition of using sustainable energy and possesses a vast scientific and technical knowledge on utilising geothermal energy and hydropower. That experience and knowledge is of great value. It is our duty to bring that knowledge forward to the next generations and to the world. With Iceland School of Energy we can share our knowledge and transfer the technical know-how to other countries.    



  • Focus on China

Icelandi School of Energy wishes to attract students in China to our graduate programme. The potential for increased use of sustainable energy in China is large and one of the important steps to achieve improvements is rapid increase of expertise in the field. We offer MSc programme that includes a selection of ISE courses, other MSc courses and a 60 ECTS (full year) master’s thesis. Students holding BSc degree in geosciences, engineering or business can apply to ISE.

Our courses are tailor-made for each of these disciplines, such as “Geothermal and groundwater reservoir management and well logging”, “Measurements and system analysis in geothermal power plants” and “International communication, negotiations and management”. The goal is to train our students for both a deep insight into the field of sustainable energy sciences and to work with practical projects. The objective is that upon completing a MSc degree from ISE the students are well prepared to work towards our common world-wide goal to increase the use of sustainable energy.


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