Icelandic export has maintained steady growth over the last years. The total value of exports of goods in 2015 reaches ISK 626 billion, 6.1% higher than that of 2014 at current rates of exchange.

Manufacturing products contributes 52.9% of total exported goods, with a 6.8% growther over 2014, mainly due to aluminium. Marine products accounts for 42.2% of the total exports,  8.5% higher than that of 2014, mainly because of fish meal, while the exports of whole frozen fish decreased.


EEA countries take the lion share of Icelandic exports. The Netherlands has always been the largest trading partner, mainly due to its importance as a logistic hub.  The top 16 markets take about 85% of Iceland's total exports in 2015.

Iceland enjoys a surplus of ISK 155 billion in the balance of external trade in goods and services in 2015, in spite of a deficit of ISK 30.3 billion in trade in goods. Travel (ISK 208 billion) and transportation (ISK 204 billion) contribute over 73% in Icelandic total export of service. Tourism has become the biggest foreign currency source in Iceland.