LazyTown is the only global children’s entertainment brand dedicated to children’s health, and promotes this core concept through its internationally acclaimed high-definition TV series, live theatre shows, books, music, radio station, DVD’s, publishing, clothing, and other merchandise.

The 66 half-hour episodes of the LazyTown TV series are geared towards 3-7 year olds, and have been aired in 172 countries worldwide. It is a fast-paced, highly entertaining mix of live actors, puppetry and CGI, beautifully produced in high-definition TV. The stories cover themes and subjects of interest to its audience, and although a core health message is embedded in every episode, this is always delivered in an engaging and fun way. The sheer entertainment value of the LazyTown brand, combined with its intrinsic health message, accounts for its phenomenal appeal and success worldwide.

LazyTown is on a mission to move the world to be a healthier place. When we get kids moving, we get their families moving. And when families move, we are one step closer to moving the world. Move the body, move the mind, every day. LazyTown Entertainment ranks alongside all major children’s brands worldwide, but has a major USP: a direct and measurable effect on the health of its target audience. As a brand that can wholly justify this proven claim, LazyTown offers unique value to its strategic partners.

 Magnús SchevingCEO & Founder
  • Global Business

LazyTown Entertainment has specialized in products and events for children since 1995. Today, the LazyTown high-definition TV series has been aired in over 170 countries worldwide, reaching over 500 million homes and in over 30 languages. The show receives excellent ratings, international acclaim, and has had several Emmy nominations, while also winning the prestigious BAFTA award in the UK for Best Children’s Show in 2006.

LazyTown has also produced a TV magazine program, LazyTown Extra, in conjunction with the BBC. The LazyTown brand is carefully licensed for products that adhere to its core values. 


  • LazyTown Vision

LazyTown’s vision is to bring the message of a healthy lifestyle to Chinese children and their parents through local partnerships. We want to build the LazyTown brand and MOVE children and families in China.

LazyTown aims to do this through the LazyTown TV show, live events, the LazyTown Sports Club, a theme park experience, healthy lifestyle campaigns, and retail alliance programs. LazyTown regularly collaborates with government agencies around the world to develop far-reaching and impactful health initiatives, and has aligned with like-minded organizations such as Change4Life in the UK and Michelle Obama’s Lets Move! campaign in the US.


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