Edwin Roald & Associates specialize in golf course design and related assistance for existing golf clubs or developers who wish to either build a stand-alone golf course or to incorporate one or more golf courses into their facilities or concept. Under the leadership of Edwin Roald – golf course designer – the firm provides a wide variety of services in golf course development.

Edwin Roald has designed golf courses in five countries. Recently, the firm’s efforts have been focused on former republics of the Soviet Union, although most of Edwin’s previous work is in his home country of Iceland. Many are surprised to hear that this country of only 300 thousand people has more than 60 golf courses and a golf history that stretches back almost 100 years. The Icelandic golf industry is therefore more active than the name suggests, and now enjoys increasing popularity among overseas golfers.

  Edwin Roald Managing Director & Lead Designer
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Edwin Roald & Associates offer the following services.

Golf Course Design / Architecture:  Design of new golf courses and changes to existing ones. All necessary design documents.


Consulting: Land analysis and selection, concept brainstorming, cost estimates, finance and marketing advice, discussing the relationship between cost vs. quality.


Project Management: Quality control and construction planning.


Golf Course Construction / ShapingExpert machine operators who add the finishing touches to the golf course.



Golf Course Management: Temporary or permanent management of club or golf course, training of future golf club staff.

Further details can be read at www.edwinroald.com

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When combined with his experience from governing the game of golf in his home country - as Deputy Director of the Golf Union of Iceland (Icelandic Golf Association) - Edwin Roald has established a very rare combination of education and experience in the golf industry. This gives him the ability to give his clients solid advice in addition to the creative contributions that can only be demonstrated from his previous design work.

Edwin Roald embraces his origin and feels lucky to have had his design philosophy shaped by the seemingly endless variety found in the Icelandic landscape. After researching Chinese landscapes and heritage before and after his brief visit to the Olympic Games in 2008, Edwin Roald was fascinated by all the different types of terrain found in China. Edwin feels that exactly this factor was one of the reasons why golf course development went a step further in the USA early in the 20th Century, and not in Great Britain where it started.

Now, he feels China is in a position to do the same by making use of the charming landscape and by allowing it to dictate the design. By keeping an open mind to new ideas, this can provide a platform for memorable, and yet environmentally friendly golf courses that cost less to build. This is 21st Century golf, and an evolution that Edwin Roald is eager to participate in.
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