Varma/Glofi ltd is the largest producer of knitted goods in Iceland that utilizes one of the most organic materials available, Icelandic wool.

The company produces a wide variety of garments with the trademark, Varma - the warmth of Iceland.
Varma’s products are designed in the Icelandic traditional design combined with other Nordic design elements. The product range extends from pullovers and blankets to socks and shawls.

A new line of clothes has been added to the collection under the brand name, Blik for Varma Design. This is a line of clothes that is meant for the fashion crowd but also with a hint of history taken from Icelandic nature and the way of life that existed in ancient Iceland.


  • Global Presence

All of the company’s products are manufactured in Iceland from pure, mostly Icelandic, wool.

The company’s current markets include Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.



  • Goals for China

Varma’s vision is to establish connections within the Chinese market; start selling our products there and look for a local producer.


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