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CRI Ji Xin Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd. (CRIJX), the joint venture incorporated by CRI, Geely Holdings and Zixin Environmental Protection Tech Co., was established in Shanghai in Sep 2017. 

CRIJX's objective is to promote and invest in the Chinese green methanol industry by using CRI's proprietary ETL technology, in order to reduce CO2 emissions.  CRIJX offers a standard ETL plant design with a nominal 50,000 t/yr methanol production capacity. The standard design can also be adapted to larger or smaller scale, depending on client requirements.

Cooperation is among CRI's core values, as confiding in one other is pivotal for the development towards a clean future. The foundation of a joint venture is a milestone for CRI's operations, increasing its presence outside of Europe, taking steps towards the goal of creating a greener, cleaner future with the recycling of carbon dioxide.