• About MII
Welcome to Made-In-Iceland, a specially designated website for Icelandic companies interested in doing business with or in China. On this website, various products and services offered by Icelandic companies can be found.

Located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, Iceland looks far away from China, separated by waters, plains and mountains.  Nevertheless, Iceland is a country full of charm offering unique experiences.  The unspoiled nature offering various natural wonders, will without a doubt help to create an ever-lasting memory for those visiting Iceland.

“Natural” is always the trade mark of Icelandic products and services.  The unspoiled and clean nature in Iceland also provides a deep-rooted foundation for various business culture and practice.  Icelandic companies are keen in making their products and services as closely related to nature as possible and are proud of their products and services “Being Natural.”

Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe just one hundred years ago.  Thanks to various technological break-through and advances in modern time, the Icelandic people have managed to transform the nation into a developed country with zero illiteracy and fully-covered welfare system. 

Icelandic unspoiled nature, diligent and creative people and the importance attached to technology advance are the major driving forces of Icelandic business and economic progress in the past decades.   They have contributed to the success of Icelandic companies going abroad from a small island of only 320,000 people and they shall help Iceland through various difficulties at present and in the future.

The Icelandic Embassy in Beijing, in cooperation with Promote Iceland and with the support of the Icelandic Ministry For Foreign Affairs, has launched the Made-In-Iceland Project, i.e. a series of promotional campaigns for Icelandic companies interested in doing business with or in China.  With the Made-In-Iceland website, we aim to start a long-term continuous promotion effort in China for competent and interested Icelandic companies, further pushing forward bilateral trade and economic cooperation in various fields.