• Ambassador Address - H.E.Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson

As a Chinese old saying goes, a thousand-mile journey starts with the first step.  Iceland and China have taken many successful steps since the establishment of diplomatic relations in1971. We now see the fruit of our previous work. The Free Trade Agreement between Iceland and China has come into force in 2014, represents not only one more step in our journey, but rather a milestone or two in our common journey towards further economic and political cooperation and dialogue. This milestone agreement will without doubt lead to even greater achievements in bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

The project Made in Iceland, MII, a joint project between the Embassy of Iceland in Beijing and Promote Iceland, has entered its 4th phase with over 30 Icelandic member companies.  It is aimed at providing an umbrella for the efforts of Icelandic entrepreneurs to enhance and intensify Chinese – Icelandic economic cooperation and trade relations, thus contributing to the mutual benefit of both nations.  These companies are now actively preparing themselves for even greater success, taking advantage of the new opportunities created on basis of the Iceland-China Free Trade Agreement.

The MII companies are the driving force of Iceland-China bilateral trade and economic cooperation.  The majority of the companies have been cooperating closely with their Chinese partners over the years, while more and more new companies are joining in, seeking successful new partnerships in China.  Through the MII project, the companies hope to be able to present Icelandic quality products, technologies and services in a more coherent manner to their Chinese partners. Having a common platform for that purpose not only helps the Icelandic companies in their efforts, but also their Chinese partners to identify business partners from Iceland.

The Embassy of Iceland in Beijing has been relentlessly promoting bilateral trade and economic cooperation since its establishment in 1995.  We are determined to continue to do so and to facilitate the effort of Icelandic companies to tap into various opportunities in China in cooperation with their Chinese partners. We are confident that with closer bilateral cooperation between governments and companies in the two countries, more and more Chinese people shall be able to enjoy what Iceland is able to offer, and vice versa.