More and more Chinese tourists have shown interest in visiting Iceland for special experience of its unique landscape and pure nature.  Over 12,000 Chinese citizens visited Iceland in 2012. According to the Icelandic Tourist Board, there was a 60 percent increase in Chinese tourists to Iceland from 2011-2012.

Chinese tourists are also reported to be the biggest spenders in Iceland, even though they are a tiny part of the total foreign visitors to Iceland. Iceland Global Blue showed that Chinese tourists spend on average ISK 24,147 (USD 200, EUR 152) per day, compared to the average tourist who spends ISK 15,570 (USD 130, EUR 100).

The Icelandic tourist sector has also shown great interest in receiving Chinese tourists.  The Westman Islands is in the process of erecting new tourist information signs with text in four languages: Icelandic, English, German - and the latest addition - Chinese, which is believed to be the first signs in Chinese to be put up in Iceland.